Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Take 1


This is my first post as a blogger. Why am I a blogger? I actually don't know. It just sort of came to me...

I have a bucket list (yes an actual list) that I have been working on lately.  A way to self-discover, personally develop,  grow, and enjoy myself. Lord willing, I'll be married with kids one day and I will not be able to do these things, so I figured the wise thing to do would be to take advantage of and enjoy the opportunity to do these things now.

My list is constantly growing, and things are always getting marked off, so all in all, the idea itself is a success!

Recently I have told a few people in my life about this list, and the interest in it, is more overwhelming than I expected. So why not blog about it?!??!

As of now, the top of my list is a trip to Hawaii. Yes HAWAII!!! I feel like I belong there, like I was born there in another life, like I m Hawaii and Hawaii is me! I have always wanted to go for as long as I can remember!! Well, by God's grace my chance has come!

I depart for Hartsfield/Jackson Airport in ATL on Tuesday, March 19th at 7:42am and arrive in Kahului, Hawaii at 4:44pm (Hawaiian time)....with two layovers in between.

All in all, I plan on documenting evey step of my trip, so that I never forget it, and so that it becomes a part of me!!! I am overjoyed with the opportunity! so stay tuned...