Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Hoi Hou

My trip is over and I can hardly believe I went. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to go and the beauty of going alone. I had the me time I needed and enjoy, and had plenty of opportunities to think as I drove up and down mountains, around valleys, and through bustling cities, and tiny towns. I didn't particularly have any epiphanies on this trip as I ventured, but I had a chance to clear my head and not think about the assignments, emails  presentations, and responsibilities that I left back at home.

I enjoyed snorkeling, shopping, surfing, etc. and do hope to go back one day, maybe once I'm married sometime in the future. I am still writing postcards though I haven't been in Hawaii for nearly two weeks!! I am trying now to figure out how to show my truest appreciation to my friends who opened their home to me. I think I'll have to close this post earlier, because clearly I have run out of things to say. But maybe as I continue, I'll get better at articulating my experiences and opening myself up to whatever might come along with that. Checkout my Facebook page for vacation pix!

So all in all, I bid you ado. I will be getting back to my regular life now. No more beaches, and chickens, and reusable shopping bags, perfect weather, endless wind, rolling mountainsides, waterfalls, exotic birds, and everything else that goes along with that beautiful place. Ta ta for now Hawaii, see you on the other side....


Yesterday morning I started my day at 3 am. to watch the sunrise at the top of the Haleakala summit. It was freezing, but it was beautiful. Afterwards I proceeded to drive around the city to Komodas where I had the most delicious doughnut OF MY LIFE!!! Like for real...I will miss that place. :(

I then headed with Tiana to the swap meat where I bought jewelry, t-shirts,a green smoothie, poi mochi, and other trinkets... Glorious time!!!

Afterwards I had  a wanton bowl and chicken katsu at Rramen Ya and headed back to the house for a 3 hour nap and a dinner get-together shortly after.
Today I have Wilea beach, a massage, and a luau on the agenda..stressful day..I know. ;)