Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Wonderful World of Lactose Free!

As you can probably tell by the title, I am have a dietary restriction...well, at least for a week-- I have been going lactose free! At least I have been for 5 days (a total of 12 meals); I am aiming for a full week. I messed up with my 3 cheese chicken penne dish from Apple bees and with Mark's lasagna from work today, but other than that.. fully lactose free!

As you can see by the photo, I have acquired quite a bit of lactose free items for my fridge which makes things easier! I cook like I always do, but this time using lactose free ingredients instead!

Now, if you're wondering why I am going lactose free, that has to do with the research that suggests that being lactose free might help with the symptoms of my ulcerative colitis (UC) during a flare up. So.... I've been testing the theory out. After all, the percentage of UC is higher in people with lactose intolerance than it is in people without it.

So far, so good, besides my 3 slip-ups, and the issue of cost that i see in the future. I can't say EXACTLY if the lactose-freeness is working, but I can say that I have been getting better day by day. Also, I am loving the new meals that I have been making and the way that I am forced to experiment and try new things! I always thought that I didn't have many taste buds per square inch, so I honestly can't tell the difference at all when I am eating my lactose-free goods with something else (ie. cereal and milk or a ham and "cheese" sandwich).

Alas, I am about to have some me time! I pulled out my mani/pedi kit, some girly magazines, I am about to slap a mask on my face and finish up this soy frappichino! However, I will be keeping you posted on my progress! Until nest time..ta ta!

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