Sunday, July 21, 2013

Car Buying Blues Part 1

Yesterday I made a special trip to Atlanta. I told myself I was on "business." It was not a trip to visit with my dad, eat my mom's peanut butter cookies, or watch a late night red box with Brittany (though these things no doubt did happen.) No. This trip was to purchase a car. To buy my dream-mobile.... well, at least until it is time for the next one in 5 years or so.

I made the spontaneous decision to make the trip as I pulled back into Milledgeville at 7:25pm after a long day of orientation and an appointment at the laser hair removal office. I was in my apartment by 7:30 aggressively slinging a few toiletries and a t-shirt into the small overnight bag I've had since middle school. 15 minutes later (impressive for me) I was in the Jeep, windows down, and looking for a radio station to jump start my journey! I had created a spreadsheet the night before of all of the potential cars I was interested in. Mileage, price, year, make, model, blue book, you name it! I was ready!!! I am aware that the "Syas man foot-drag," which I lovingly call it, would be be my demise on car buying before August if I didn't make a move. The trip was warranted and highly important.

I did spend the night with my dear friend Brittany and we schmoozed over Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos and Hi-C. Watching Temptation again for the second time, would have been the end all, be all of an amazing day, had I not fallen asleep on it. I woke up eagerly at 6:20 and was out the door and headed to meet up with dad by 6:51. He and I had a lovely breakfast at Starbucks and sat down with laptops and tablets to plan out our itinerary for the day. How I love my daddy daughter time!

We charted out stopping by two dealerships in East Cobb before heading to Acworth for the much awaited first "for sale by owner" look-at of the day! The car I intended to see there was beautiful in the photos and the conversation I had with the car owner the day before proved promising. A 2005 VW Jetta, cornflower leather interior, gold exterior, with 121,000 miles for only $5,995!

After my pumpkin bread and mocha latte (UC threatened, so I didn't finish it) we hit the streets! The two dealerships didn't open until 9am, so we par-oozed the deserted lots of both. Neither car was aesthetically pleasing to me, and to be frank, I was a bit disappointed. However, the day was just beginning, so my hopes were still high!

As we made the trip to Acworth, I got more and more excited, but you can imagine my dismay when I finally saw the car, peered inside, an noticed a stick shift!! NOOOO!!! Not this car! Not my dream car! I felt embarrassed, and annoyed at myself. How did I overlook this detail? Curses, for not know what the ad meant when it said "5 speed." I only just learned how to drive a stick a month ago, and my lesson was only an hour and a half! I won't even be able to drive this thing out of the neighborhood.. too hilly. -_- Just GREAATTT.

Part 2, coming soon....

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Adventure I Call Life

I had the honor and pleasure of singing at the Midtown Key Club in Macon this past weekend. The experience was vivacious!! I enjoyed the "high" feeling that I had after I got off the stage. Up there, I was nervous, but I felt the nervousness leaving me as time went on in the song (I think I was feeling the prayers of my friends in the audience). Why did I do it? I did it for a change, something new, and different, and out of my comfort zone. It is an experience that looks like it may actually take me somewhere (The pianist has been in touch with me about putting a song list together!!!) All in all, I am thankful for the courage and grace that Christ gave me; and also for my friend and vocal coach, Chassity, for her unending direction. Also, I am thankful to all of my close friends for their encouragement in my time of anxiety (every day leading up to the show..) LOL

The car hunt continues and in that, I have learned a lot about myself. My hopes go up REALLY quickly, but it is also hard to let me down! Now how is that?!??! LOL! I get excited about every half decent car there is, and then pick myself up as good as new when I find that the car was a scam, or unreliable, or out of my price range. Either way, I pray that God's will be done, so that I end up with the right car.I am not too proud to buy an "older" or "used" car, but it has to be something reliable, and very "me." I can tell you now, the things that float my boat are: a sunroof, leather seats, heated seats, WORKING AC, a dope sound system, bluetooth for telephone, good gas mileage, and a just sexy car all around! This whole car buying thing is really teaching me patience. I need a car in the next few weeks, and all of the good ones are in ATL with my family. I am here, and the cars are there. I have to wait patiently until someone (mom, dad, or DJ)  gets off work to go see my potential car and then trust their judgement after the test drive. However, having a new car by the weekend would be sweet!!!

UC update- all is well. I am on my way to a full recovery! PTL! Every day I feel....well normal... I had some blue cheese that messed me up the night of my gig, but other than that all has been well. I have been eating lettuce and tomatoes, and some cheese and ice cream! Whooooo hoooo!!! {Joy in the little things}

Speaking of which, and to close out the night, I want to mention a few (10) small things that have happened in my life lately that I have seen as precious moments with Christ, or random things that are meant to make me smile: 1) Today I got caught in the rain. TWICE. ON my way to and from the same meeting! I was DRENCHED! Folder, wallet, keys, hair, clothes. You name it. But I was still as happy and content as can be! A random guy pulled up in a truck and offered me a ride, and then offered to buy me a phone for the remainder of the time that he was in town so that he could call me. (becuase I told him I don't give out my number).... it truly made me smile. 2) My new friend and fellow co-worker Mary left a sweet note in my box thanking me for throwing the funnel cake party! 3) Anna B. bought me lunch today out of the blue after I coached our (potentially) final swim lesson. 4) The farmer's market is tomorrow!!! 5) I may be dropping my summer finance class. 6) Shay and I did dinner and skating on Saturday night.. A BLAST! 6) I started reading "50 Shades of Grey" last night. 7) Simone paid me a surprise visit on Sunday! 8) I had a friend pop up at my door simply to give me a purely beautiful and much needed hug. 9) I'm still on a high about my best friend's new relationship with Christ! 10) I was invited to a Mary Kay Makeup party and received a free facial and had an amazing time! I now await my oil mattifier in the mail!!

Anyways.... it is time for me to close my eyes and enjoy a great nights rest! Much love, and thank you so much for reading! Grace and peace....