Sunday, July 21, 2013

Car Buying Blues Part 1

Yesterday I made a special trip to Atlanta. I told myself I was on "business." It was not a trip to visit with my dad, eat my mom's peanut butter cookies, or watch a late night red box with Brittany (though these things no doubt did happen.) No. This trip was to purchase a car. To buy my dream-mobile.... well, at least until it is time for the next one in 5 years or so.

I made the spontaneous decision to make the trip as I pulled back into Milledgeville at 7:25pm after a long day of orientation and an appointment at the laser hair removal office. I was in my apartment by 7:30 aggressively slinging a few toiletries and a t-shirt into the small overnight bag I've had since middle school. 15 minutes later (impressive for me) I was in the Jeep, windows down, and looking for a radio station to jump start my journey! I had created a spreadsheet the night before of all of the potential cars I was interested in. Mileage, price, year, make, model, blue book, you name it! I was ready!!! I am aware that the "Syas man foot-drag," which I lovingly call it, would be be my demise on car buying before August if I didn't make a move. The trip was warranted and highly important.

I did spend the night with my dear friend Brittany and we schmoozed over Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos and Hi-C. Watching Temptation again for the second time, would have been the end all, be all of an amazing day, had I not fallen asleep on it. I woke up eagerly at 6:20 and was out the door and headed to meet up with dad by 6:51. He and I had a lovely breakfast at Starbucks and sat down with laptops and tablets to plan out our itinerary for the day. How I love my daddy daughter time!

We charted out stopping by two dealerships in East Cobb before heading to Acworth for the much awaited first "for sale by owner" look-at of the day! The car I intended to see there was beautiful in the photos and the conversation I had with the car owner the day before proved promising. A 2005 VW Jetta, cornflower leather interior, gold exterior, with 121,000 miles for only $5,995!

After my pumpkin bread and mocha latte (UC threatened, so I didn't finish it) we hit the streets! The two dealerships didn't open until 9am, so we par-oozed the deserted lots of both. Neither car was aesthetically pleasing to me, and to be frank, I was a bit disappointed. However, the day was just beginning, so my hopes were still high!

As we made the trip to Acworth, I got more and more excited, but you can imagine my dismay when I finally saw the car, peered inside, an noticed a stick shift!! NOOOO!!! Not this car! Not my dream car! I felt embarrassed, and annoyed at myself. How did I overlook this detail? Curses, for not know what the ad meant when it said "5 speed." I only just learned how to drive a stick a month ago, and my lesson was only an hour and a half! I won't even be able to drive this thing out of the neighborhood.. too hilly. -_- Just GREAATTT.

Part 2, coming soon....

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