Sunday, August 11, 2013

Car Buying Blues Part 2

Well, a ton has happened since my last blog two weeks ago. I made the spontaneous and crazy decision to purchase the car I last spoke of, later on that day when I was headed back to Milledgeville. The car owner continued to ask, "Are you sure?" I wasn't, but I know I wanted that car. I knew that what was holding me back was a lack of patience and fear of the unknown. HOWEVER, I took it on as a challenge. No way was I going to limit myself and pass up this incredible opportunity.

I contacted the owner the next day and he drew up the papers. I had to scrape together $5,700 in 1 week. After a bunch of prayer, begging, and borrowing, I had the mu-laa!!! I signed the papers very officially and proudly walked out with my bill of sale and took the keys. My dad pulled my beauty off of the "lot" so to speak. I had exactly 1.5 days to get this car thing figured out. I needed to be back in Milledgeville for training by Monday morning at 9am. I got a quick yet patient lesson from my dad in the high school parking lot, an eager and spontaneous lesson from my step mom, and then my dad drove the car back to my mom's place for me.

I took off throughout the neighborhood, but I had a few things working against me: A clutch with very little catch, a TON of hills and speed bumps and the occasional car passing by; which turned into quite a few by midday. Every time a car came, I was compelled to stop. Every time I stopped and planned to start, I stalled. And when I stalled, I stalled everywhere. It took me the whole day to work up my nerve to leave the neighborhood for fear that I'd be stuck away from home, out in the middle of the street somewhere. It wasn't until my little brother Da'Juon took the passenger seat, that I was able to feel confident on the road. We drove around the block a few times, and I stalled us all the way to church on Sunday. ;)

I learned so much during this experience, however:
1. People can be really patient. Yes, I had people honk, flash, and go around me, but most of the time, people waited it out when I stalled in front of them..impressive!
2. Driving was very psychological and mental for me. I would do well if I was alone, or depending on who was in the passenger seat. If it was someone who had faith in me, I did better than when I was driving with a worry wart.
3. I am more patient with others than I am with myself. When I went at it for too long I had to take a break. Literally. Pull over..somehow. Stop the car. Turn off the engine and rest. Cry. Scream. Whatever I needed at that moment. Also, I would let other cars psych me out, or the fear of the unknown: AKA, hills, stopping, etc.
4. My family truly loves me. They all took time out of their weekend to help me get it. Encouraging me, not judging me when the car stalled, and not moaning and complaining about my taking forever to get them to their destination. My mom gladly stuck her head out the window to shout that her daughter is learning to drive a stick, and DJ even got out of the car once to rescue me, put his hands up to the world, and told people to stop and calm down. (Love him <3). My mom worriedly followed me to the highway on Sunday and pulled up far enough behind me so I could take off.
5. I am dedicated. I used to sacrifice my running in the morning at 6am for driving practice. I was determined learn to drive this thing..

I could go on and on about different scenarios associated with me learning to drive my car, but as of now its been 2 full weeks, and I have been getting better every day! I feel empowered and confident behind the wheel and I am proud to be a girl in 2013 who drives a stick that is not an old car. I am blessed to have a family as incredible, and loving, and patient as mine, and to have conquered this mountain.

Yes. I bought a car that I didn't even know how to drive. And no. At the time I did not have all of the money. But God made a way, and today I am the proud owner of a fully paid for, 5-speed Jetta that I have come to name: Patience. (wow.. I just named her. Just now.. wow. Yay for blogging streams of thought!)

UC update- I am either stressed, relapsing or eating really bad. I think its the later, time to slow down a bit. But don't worry. I got this! Blessings, and thanks for taking the time to read...

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  1. Snaps for you for taking the bull by the horns, even though you didn't think you were ready! You got an awesome deal and now a new found skill of being able to drive a stick.. and pretty soon you may even be good at it ;)